The LAPL Game

Can you figure out the mysteries of the library? Search for hidden passages, solve the puzzles, and finish the task. If you get stuck, check your phone or ask a helpful statue. Also, remember, you have to close your backpack after you open it.

Also, don't forget to play the Flash Games you can find in the virtual Getty Gallery. You can submit your high scores or fastest times. (You can play these games even if you do not play the adventure game, but you must sign into the adventure game first. You can also return to play them after finishing the adventure game.)

Play The Goodhue Codex


Summer Reading Club Games

Play games that were made just for our 2009 Summer Reading Club. The games may now be played by everyone, but scores are no longer being accepted.

Watts Towers

Based On The Book

L.A. Beachcombing

L.A. Sign Scramble